The OUTREACH of Bethel Church of Christ is focused in several different areas. This page outlines these areas of outreach and provides several different resources that will better help the members at Bethel engage in active participation in each of these programs.


Bethel understands that college students face many different challenges while they are away from their families at home and their family at Bethel. Therefore, Bethel makes it a priority to maintain a relationship with its college students while they are away furthering their education. Bethel believes it is the responsibility of the Church to help its members build their faith, even if that means providing material that will allow them to do so while they are away.

Furthermore, Bethel believes that young adults are a crucial part of an actively involved congregation. Therefore, in order to better strengthen the church, Bethel is trying to provide every opportunity possible for young adults to build and strengthen their faith at home.

This outreach is also available as  tool for the members at Bethel to use when they are evangelizing to others outside of the church.


Our YOUTH ONLINE outreach will be available soon.


Bethel is actively engaging the community through local service projects such as singing and leading worship service in area nursing homes. However, we are always looking for new ways to show our love for Christ in the community. If you have a community care project that you would like for Bethel to consider please send an email to hereforyou@bethelcofc.com, and you will receive a confirmation that your email has been received and in under consideration to be one of Bethel's next community care projects. Because of the number of projects Bethel is asked to consider each year it is very difficult to be able to meet the needs of all the projects Bethel is aksed to consider. However, if Bethel has the available resources we will do everything we can to better help the community for the cause of Christ.


Please contact Garvin Claiborne, Family Life Minister, at 615-585-2574