Weekly Lessons
Our Story in the Will of God
Jeff Hartline

God communicated to us in a variety of different ways throughout his Word. We all have a story that is being worked out through the will of God. It is our responsibility to have a relationship with God and to try and uderstand our "story" or purpose in God's story. There are three questions we must ask ourself in order to begin to understand our place in God's redemptive story. These questions are: where were we, where are we, and where are we destined? These answers are found in Ephesians as a part of Paul's personal inventory that is used to help guide his readers through their "story", with the main character being Christ. The answer to the first question is we were all in sin. The answer to the second question is we are in a relationship with God through Christ. The answer to the third question is to walk in the glory or "glow" of God doing works to spread the "glow" of God and his story.

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